Fermilab Experiments Remote Operations Center (ROC-W)
Mock up of the XOC from the Wilson hHall Atrium

The Fermilab ROC-W is an operations center, for experiments at the Intensity Frontier, in the atrium of Wilson Hall.

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The purpose of the XOC is to combine the operations functions of Intensity Frontier experiments into a single, centrally-located and optimized space, potentially for:

  • And any other Intensity Frontier experiment at Fermilab.


The primary function is to provide a single, centrally-managed location that can accommodate the hardware and software needed to operate the experiments. The ROC-W provides a communications focal point for Fermilab operations staff and experimenters. Operators in the Main Control Room (MCR) now have a single location to contact and communicate with the experiments. Experimenters are able to get information on the operational status accelerator components and experiments. The ROC-W also functions as a new education and outreach venue to highlight Fermilab research at the Intensity Frontier.

Design Team

We have set up a Requirements Task Force, working with the Directorate and FESS, to solicit for functional requiremetns for the XOC, consisting of:

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